Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Seattle Cop Kills Man Over Not Paying Transit Fare?

Via Jeffery

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  1. Of course the Seattle WILL BE cleared of any wrong doing to murdering a man for not paying his transit fare. It WILL BE determined that suspect "resisted arrest" therefore causing the heroic defenders of the public, who daily put their lives at risk (you know, just like soldiers in a combat zone do) to keep us safe, to fear for their personal safety. I am sure the cops were only following orders when they shoot the unarmed guy. . Karma will be meeting Bitch.

    1. & the guys in the combat zone get zero latitude and nailed to the cross.

  2. "But that's just what we're hearing from an eyewitness..."

    Seattle people are truly morons. In their minds, they all deserve to be shot, and never have a right to complain. Eastern Washington should secede.