Tuesday, July 8, 2014

UNSHAKEN: Murrieta Residents Turn Away Buses for a Third Time

 stop immigration
 I'm proud of you and could this be a turning point?

Is this the latest “Cliven Bundy” moment? It is certainly starting to look like it.

The residents of Murrieta have certainly had a good share of chaos and intimidation tactics to deal with in recent days. Yesterday we reported that “riot squads” were allegedly being dispatched.

Whether the riot squads are rumors or real, the obvious intent is intimidation.

Actions of amnesty supporters over the weekend were deplorable. Pro-amnesty supporters trampled, burned and shredded the American Flag and shouted “F*ck America” on Independence Day.

Tempers are very high and La Raza has now moved in. La Raza is a Mexican supremacist group.

They have no regard for the southern border and believe that much of America belongs to Mexico.

They have called, on more than one occasion, for violent revolt to take America back.

We now have a judge in Texas who is warning locals that they will not tolerate a Murrieta repeat in his town. This story is starting to spread like wildfire across the globe. For instance Russia Today has been covering Murrieta extensively.

The people of Murrieta made their point when they made the first set of buses turn around. It was already a great story. No one would have really expected them to do it again.


  1. It's good to see that people are fed up enough to stand up to this insanity, but I'm concerned the situation is ripe for a false flag... the perfect way to clamp down is to create an excuse to...

    I think my tinfoil may be too tight...

    1. the perfect way to clamp down is to create an excuse to...

      True, but encouraged by the so far 0 response to Bundy Ranch which they have been threatening.

    2. Lol. Thats why i switched to an aluminum hard had with a foil liner. I thought i might be crazy too but i figgered out the truth is just an awful lot to digest.

  2. Oh La Raza is going to "take America Back" No shit. I had no idea that the descendants of the Aztec, Maya, and Inca peoples ever lived in America.Not only that, but when the territory was ceded in their loss, the Mexicans pretty much stayed right where they were,and became *gasp!!* AMERICANS. Take your militant shit back to Mexico and fix your own damn country instead of trying to steal mine.
    Jesse in DC

    1. Or come with arms and see where that gets you.

  3. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-w203xOPIObs/U7wO8uNgxmI/AAAAAAAAYno/DAQXsvR9ps8/s1600/la_raza.jpg