Sunday, September 14, 2014

17yo Mike Mohney Dies Trying To Protect Mom Kim From Her Ex Terry Froman

Via Nancy

Killer Terry Froman​

The article below strangely neglects to show a picture of the culprit, can't imagine why........

A Kentucky teenager was killed in his home after trying to protect his mother from her estranged boyfriend, and the woman was abducted and later found dead in Ohio during a multistate police search, a sheriff said Friday.

The suspect, Terry Froman, 41, of Brookport, Illinois, was taken into custody in the Cincinnati area and faced murder and kidnapping charges back in Kentucky, said Dewayne Redmon, the sheriff in Graves County in western Kentucky.

The suspect was taken to a hospital to be examined, Redmon said.


  1. And this won't be reported with any racial connotations ..

  2. Oh you mean a brother killed two whities?

    'By Design' in today's world and this administration.

  3. The over the top "reverse racism" , for the mainstream media, is basically a non-event, and therefore not worth the little time and effort it would take to include the race of the perpetrators, and victims. But white on black, or brown.... and the world gonna come crashing down!!

  4. This happened not far from my place. Brookport is about 25 minutes away. I heard the reports on the radio as they were looking for him

  5. Im going to say this in the nicest way I can. If you lay with dogs you're going to get fleas.