Monday, September 8, 2014

Another Confederate Battle Flag is Raised – Thank you VMFA-MOC – Rawls, Levin, Simpson, Hall, Mackey, Meyer, Baker


Oh my, it seems that everywhere I drive on the interstate system around Central Virginia I get to see a beautiful Confederate Battle flag flying. It is such a wonderful thing, I feel like singing Dixie, and having some sweet Ice Tea, Yee Hah.

Yes, the Liberals like Brooks Simpson, Kevin Levin, Al Mackey, Andy Hall,and the two little Yankee boys, Rob Baker and Corey Meyer plus the thousands of other Liberal Yankee myth makers and liars.

Oh, many said, it won’t happen, can’t be done, REALLY, well jerko’s, keep watching, there is more to this story to come. Southern people are strong, good, civil, warm human beings, and they have backbones of steel, when you screw with us, we will fight back, so as it was in 1861, the Liberals and homo’s, and anti God goofballs in our society will eventually get this, and I am thrilled.

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  1. While living in LA (Lower Alabama) I used to wear a Confederate Battle Flag T-shirt with the saying on it "If this flag offends you, then you need a history lesson." I would have the explain it to some southerns and I was a "damn yankee" I came with a U-Haul...
    As some one born in Michigan and raised in Oregon even I understood and respected and even loved the Confederate Battle Flag for what it stood for. I still have the ol' T-shirt.