Monday, September 8, 2014

Should Kroger “allow” shoppers to carry handguns? 84% Yes

Anti-gun Obama at a Kroger in Bristol, VA, entered the store with an armed-to-the-teeth security detail.
Surrounded by heavily armed body guards, but he's better than us, doncha' know.......?

A gun poll on MSNBC asking if Kroger should “allow” shoppers to carry handguns has backfired on the “progressive” media channel. At this writing, 84 percent of approximately 28,000 poll respondents have answered “Yes,” many, as The Federalist Papers noted on Saturday, leaving comments that “supported an honest citizen’s right to keep and bear arms.”

The poll comes at the same time as another developing story, a vicious attack by a mob of “teens” at supermarket in Poplar Plaza in Memphis.

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  1. If you carry concealed who's to know? Frankly, all these macho guys carrying out in the open with a sidearm on their hip are not helping our cause (that being the 2nd amendment). We are trying to persuade people (especially liberals) that we are responsible citizens,,,.....there are many folks out there that are afraid of guns. You are not teaching them anything by flaunting your 2nd amendment rights. Use some common sense, people.

  2. Thanks and you will get violent opposition to your point of view, but I agree. First, we don't need the 2nd because we have a Natural Right and second, I CCW, because I don't want the bad guys to know. I will be the one who finishes them off and not the other way around.

  3. So- did he pay for that, or did he expect it to be free.... because expecting someone to pay for something thy ate is RACIST?

  4. Localy we have one hardass who insists on carrying a big nickle plated N frame Smith & Wesson. Locals are used to him but as you said his open carry dont bode well for our cause. I have a friend that is a former cop and he feels open carry just makes the carrier a target. Pay attention to Milwaukee County WI Sheriff Clark and his feelings on CCW. He considers CCW holders social partners and is not afraid to be the first to advise WI citicens to arm themselves because the police are not always there.

  5. I would conceal carry but I don't want to pay FedGov a fee for a right and have my name on a list forever more.

  6. The SHIT list. Yup. Buy a hunting license and your on it. Use a credit card to mail order shooting acessories, your on it. Buy ammo infront of a stores surveilance camera,maybe.