Friday, September 19, 2014

Bugout GPS Maps

Via avordvet

 Survival GPS Maps

T = 0  It’s really happened.  There’s no more question. Bugout time is here.  Plan A is already a non-starter, so Plan B is put in gear with your bugout vehicle locked and loaded.  After a tense nine hours of evasive driving, you blast through the last open highway lane as you watch impromptu roadblocks take shape.  Night is falling along with the rain.  Cold, scared, confused, hungry, you and your family have to get to a safe place and dig-in long enough to plan your next move.  And the last thing you want is to get in a gunfight over where you’re parked.

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  1. he makes good points - it's too bad the Onxmaps hunt app isn't for the Windows phone (yet?) and I don't see any indication of their private/public land map they're building will be for W8 phones.I'll keep an eye on this app though.

    I'm unfortunately not in a position to but out anywhere at the moment so there'd be no plan B. The traffic around here on a GOOD day is retarded... in an emergency? Pft. :) I wouldn't bother trying.

  2. How long do you reckon cell phones and GPS will work when SHTF?

    Got compass and MapMap?