Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"The South is finally rising." Says Salon rated #4 most liberal :)

Via Billy

The South's victim complex: How right-wing paranoia is driving new wave of radicals

I know you meant this to be a hit piece, but the last paragraph is right on. Thanks! :)

Southern voters will go to the polls in November 150 years, almost to the day, after Gen. Sherman commenced his March to the Sea, breaking the back of the Confederacy and leaving a burnt scar across the South. The wound never fully healed. Humiliation and resentment would smolder for generations. A sense of persecution has always mingled with the rebellious independence and proud notions of the South’s latent power, the promise that it “will rise again!” 

Congressman Paul Broun Jr., whose Georgia district spans nearly half of Sherman’s calamitous path to Savannah, evoked the “Great War of Yankee Aggression” in a metaphor to decry the Affordable Care Act on the House floor in 2010. The war, in Broun’s formulation, was not a righteous rebellion so much as a foreign invasion whose force still acts upon the South and its ideological diaspora that increasingly forms the foundation of conservatism.

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  1. what we have to do is convince the rest of the country how much better off they would be with out us.they could kill as many babies as they want take all their guns do away with capitalism etc.we would not be blocking their agenda anymore and they could go their own way. of course we would cut way back on the freebies and there would be a mass exit to the north of all our parasites and then as the north goes further into its socialist utopa we would have a problem keeping out the remaining consrvatives and the argument would be how to let the right ones in one can dream but I see it coming your friend truckwilkins

  2. I just read the full article and the COMMENTS. In one word I'll describe all of them; SICK! The author is sick, although he does actually make some truthful statements, BUT I think he made them out of ignorance of not thinking through the whole situation. What is really really sick is the comments I read below the article. I read well over a dozen comments, maybe over 2 dozen and only read one decent post. These people writing comments are ALL severely lacking in every last thing we hold; morals, values, intelligence, knowledge, respect, rationality, truth, virtue, and the list goes on. And in its' place they have every negative attribute you can name.... I started to respond to the first comment I read, but after reading several others I saw it was even pointless to try and attempt any dialog. These people are simply so mentally unstable and sick NOTHING you or I could ever say would have any impact on them. They are simply a different people with different beliefs and acceptance of life. As was said by Rhett, Calhoun and others, we are simply a different people. So different in fact we share NO commonalities and should be separated by countries. I just hate that I cannot write anything whatsoever that would register with such people. I see that I can't so there is no use casting my pearls before swine. The short of all this being, these people will ONLY ever listen you or us by force. They control the country, they know it and they are NOT gonna let you have it back.

    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur

    1. Pretty pathetic.

      D.H. Hill

      Two communications have been referred to me as the successor of General French. The prisoners from Swindell's company and the Seventh North Carolina are true prisoners of war and if not paroled I will retaliate five-fold.

      In regard to your first communication touching the burning of Plymouth you seem to have forgotten two things. You forget, sir, that you are a Yankee and that Plymouth is a Southern town. It is no business of yours if we choose to burn one of our own towns. A meddling Yankee troubles himself about every body's matters except his own and repents of everybody's sins except his own. We are a different people. Should the Yankees burn a Union village in Connecticut or a codfish town in Massachusetts we would not meddle with them but rather bid them God-speed in their work of purifying the atmosphere."

      2. "The Yankees fought worse than I have ever known them do on any previous field of battle. It may be that even a Yankee conscience was disturbed by the scenes of burning, rapine, pillage, and murder so recently passed through."


      6. " The utter contempt and loathing for the venerated Stars and Stripes, the abhorrence of the very words United States, the intense hatred of the Yankees on the part of these people, cannot be conceived by anyone who has not seen them. I am more satisfied than ever that the Union can never be restored as it was, and that it has gone to pieces, never to be put together again, in the old shape, at all events, by any power on earth......"

      "I would like to see the infernal Yankee race exterminated, and only known as a people who have passed away, unhonored and unwept."

      1st Lt. John Douglas Fowler
      The only Confederate Marine officer to die on active duty