Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Fellow III: Ebola: Understanding and Preparing for an Outbreak.


Currently, on Amazon in kindle format.  Paperback should be released within a week.  For this week, it is only 99 cents.  Thereafter, it will likely be $3.99 to $4.99.

Chapter 1: Introduction and Glossary of Terms
Chapter 2: About Ebola (Transmission, Symptoms, Treatment)
Chapter 3: The History of Ebola
Chapter 4: The 2014 West African Ebola Outbreak
Chapter 5: Early Stage – What to do Now
Chapter 6: Advanced Stage – Outbreaks in Your Country/Region
Chapter 7: Crisis Stage – An Epidemic in Your Area
Chapter 8: Methods of Disinfection
Chapter 9: Establishing Safe Practices (Isolation Rooms, Quarantine Areas, Cleaning Spills, Cleaning PPEs, etc.)
Chapter 10: Preparations (PPEs and Other Necessary Supplies) 


  1. What is a Kindle again?

    1. A device that you can download books to, but you can also download them to your computer using this free app.

    2. When I put the link you posted into google nothing comes up to match.
      Am I doing something wrong or is it gone? Thanks.

    3. Did you click on "@ Amazon? I just tried and it went right there.

    4. Thank you for the reply. I guess I just don't know how to do this.
      Thanks again.

    5. Open this:

      Then follow the instructions below.

      Download the Kindle Reading App

      To receive a download link enter email or phone number

      Send link

      To start download click on the icon below

      Open the app and sign in with your Amazon account.

      Start Reading!

    6. Thanks ever so much. Seems to be a very short read but very useful.

    7. Certainly, 89 pages, but the price is right.