Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Teenage vandals swarm Brooklyn deli while yelling 'anti-Semitic' slurs and destroy $700 worth of 'candies and cookies'

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 Ambush: Dozens of teens unexpectedly swarmed a Crown Heights deli at around 9pm on Saturday night¬†

Surveillance footage of the event shows the teens storming the entrance of Gourmet Butcher, a deli in crown heights at just after 9pm

It 'happened in seconds,' said deli owner Yanki Klein who says they destroyed between $500 and $700 worth of goods

 One 23-year-old reported being assaulted during the attack

 Owners at the deli, which is a kosher establishment, say that teenagers have come in before yelling anti-Semitic language

 Police are not investigating the event as a hate crime 

More with video @ Daily Mail


  1. LOL! Talk about your unintended consequences. These folks don't know what they're asking when they're talking about that guy with the funny mustache. He didn't have to deal with them, or else he would have been REALLY p'd, instead of just mildly annoyed. Just think of him watching his first "Kriss Kross" video!

  2. "people destroy things and attack people while shouting ethnic slurs"
    "Police are not investigating the event as a hate crime "


    had it been a group of christians attacking a muslim owned shop - there'd be blood in the streets from the cops reaction.

    1. Quite true.


      'anti-Semitic' slurs

      Like, what more do y'all need for a "Hate Crime" really......?