Wednesday, October 1, 2014

ISIS Within a Mile of Baghdad: Over 1,000 Iraqi troops killed by ISIS yesterday 

Islamic State militants are reportedly within a mile of Baghdad despite battling Iraqi forces and U.S.-led airstrikes, and there is "immense fear among everybody," the vicar of the only Anglican church in Iraq said Tuesday.

"We are at a crisis point," Canon Andrew White, vicar of St George's Church in Baghdad, told Sky News. "People know ISIS are coming nearer."

The Islamic State is also known as ISIS.

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  1. Obama (barry) must be dancing in the oval office, all while blaming someone else!
    What an utter waste of our blood and treasure! I can't even imagine what our Iraqi war veterans are thinking, likewise the families of those who had to bury a son or daughter.....

    1. who had to bury a son or daughter.....

      Yes and no one should even consider the services anymore.