Saturday, October 4, 2014

KIM JONG UN overthrown? Pyongyang Under Lockdown

Via Charlie

 jong un

Former Top Official Says Kim Jong-un Is No Longer in Control of North Korea
The Country’s Organization and Guidance Department (OGD), a powerful group of officials, have stopped taking orders from Kim Jong-un. A battle is simmering between factions within the OGD.

North Korean tyrant Kim Jong Un went missing this week.

The media said he was recovering from ankle surgery.

There are also reports that Kim Jong Un’s sister is now running the country.

Market Watch says his sister is running the country.


  1. Hope they put that dog down deep in the ground.

  2. I wonder if China has any hand in this. Are you following this story over in Hong Kong? It really is all about the Chaos with the Western leaders it seems.

  3. It would be a blessing to the whole world if lil kim is dead. It would be nice to see North Korea open up to the rest of the world. The North Koreans have suffered so much at the hand of these maniacs.

  4. I doubt it. It appears to be a puppet governmemt.