Friday, October 3, 2014

NC Illegal Alien: Mother watched in horror as 2 children hit at school bus stop

 Marcos Santiago Bautista is charged with felony passing a stopped school bus, felony hit and run with failure to stop for injury, no operator's license, failure to register a motor vehicle, and displaying fictitious registration.

A neighbor says the mother of two Rock Ridge Elementary School students helplessly watched as her children were hit by an SUV while trying to get on their school bus.

German Arroyo-Correa, 10, and Areli Arroyo-Correa, 5, are in serious condition after the North Carolina State Highway Patrol said they were hit by an Ford Explorer while trying to board their school bus Thursday morning. Both children have been transferred to UNC Hospitals for treatment of their injuries.

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  1. Probably won't even get a ticket. Up here unless they kill someone nothing happens. I mean it is not like they have a license to lose or insurance to pay for anything.


  2. Really, if you question the cop he will flat tell you. They say they do not have a license or even an ID of any kind. They find about 90% of the time they give a false name. And if they give a real name, they just change theirs. Even if they get a ticket, they never show or pay. Never have any insurance so the cop just says I hope you have uninsured motorist coverage. Unless they have a reason to arrest, them the cops do nothing and just let them walk away.


  3. My family has been here 400 years or so... What laws do I get a pass on? What is the value of being a US citizen anyway? We get to jump through every hoop the .gov can think up, we are subject to every capricious law enforcement they can imagine...But sprint over the border and the tax feeders WE pay give them a pass on all of it. And welfare to boot. WTF???

    1. Me too, 1609. This crap needs to come to a screeching halt and then completely reversed.