Wednesday, November 19, 2014

HSLDA: Parents Tasered, Sprayed, Handcuffed—as Kids Watch


Dear HSLDA Members and Friends:

On November 14, 2014, Home School Legal Defense Association filed a federal civil-rights lawsuit against Chief Sheriff’s Deputy David Glidden and Sheriff Darren White of the sheriff’s department of Nodaway County, Missouri. The suit charges Glidden and White with unlawfully forcing their way into the home of HSLDA members Laura and Jason Hagan on September 30, 2011, in violation of their Fourth Amendment rights.

A child protective services (CPS) caseworker had been inside the home several days earlier to investigate a report of a messy house and had returned for a follow-up visit. When Jason and Laura declined to allow her inside she summoned Glidden and White.

When Deputy Glidden arrived at the Hagans’ home he demanded to be allowed inside. Jason opened the door and told Glidden that he could not enter unless he had a court order.
Glidden said he would enter anyway.

At the Front Door


As Jason turned to go back inside, Glidden sprayed him with pepper spray—first at the back of his head and then directly in his face. Glidden also sprayed Laura, who fell to the floor. Glidden then turned to Jason, who was still standing, and shot him in the back with his Taser. As Jason fell, Laura closed the front door. Glidden triggered the Taser three more times through the closed door.

Sheriff White joined Glidden on the front porch. Together they forced open the door and found Laura and Jason lying on the floor. Glidden sprayed Laura in the face a second time while White sprayed Jason and tried to turn him over onto his stomach. 

Laura shouted to the officers that Jason had been taken to the emergency room earlier in the week for chest pains. White nevertheless continued attempting to turn Jason over and sprayed him a third time when he was unsuccessful. The officers also sprayed the Hagans’ dog with chemical agent and threatened to shoot it if it didn’t stop barking.

Finally, the officers handcuffed and arrested Laura and Jason and charged them with resisting arrest and child endangerment.

All of this took place in front of the Hagans’ three young children, who were then taken to the emergency room to be evaluated for exposure to pepper spray.

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  1. Two more cops to add the Frein list.

  2. Never. Open. The. Door.
    Then get your attorney on the phone and tell'em to start recording. If no attorney, record video on your phone (if capable). There is an app or two somewhere out there that automatically uploads to your "cloud".
    ...that is, if you want to go the passive route.

    J Connlllr

    1. Thanks. HSLDA is $10 a month and they send you information which in part tells you to call them immediately, and a lawyer will explain to whoever is at your front door why they are in violation. It also includes free representation in any homeschool related matters.

  3. At that point, the only thing left to do (if they valued their liberty) would be to take out all three of the perps. Give me liberty or give me... I said 'three'.

    1. Their superiority complex will take a shattering blow one day.

  4. "Investigate for a messy house"

    Let that sink in.