Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Senate fails to advance bill reining in NSA spying on Americans

Via avordvet

The Senate on Tuesday night voted down a proposal to consider a bipartisan bill aimed at reining in the authority of the National Security Agency to collect bulk phone data from millions of Americans, an activity that was revealed after leaker Edward Snowden revealed the program last year.

Senate Judiciary Committee Pat Leahy (D-Vt.) proposed the bill in July as one of a handful of alternatives for dealing with the problem that outraged most Americans.

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  1. The Dead Elephants aren't going to relinquish any sort of power. Their FIRST priority was proposing the keystone line for the 9th time! Not reducing or eliminating Patriot act or NDAA. Not immigration. Not impeachment for Fast And Furious (alone). Nothing in involving regaining lost/hurt liberties.
    J Connlllr

    1. liberties.

      Not for peons, only the enlighten ones are worthy........