Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Remington CEO: SAFE Act impacted decision to expand--in Alabama

Via Billy

Remington Arms Company, in Ilion

Here is the expanded version of the second item from my "Albany Insider" column from Monday's editions:

Remington Arms has confirmed what many already long suspected — New York’s tough gun control laws played a role in the upstate gun manufacturer’s decision to expand outside the state.

Remington, which has operated in New York State since 1816, shifted 100 jobs down south in August. Another 126 people were laid off last week as a result of a decline in gun sales.

The company says one reason behind its decision to open a new plant in Alabama rather than expand in New York was “state policies affecting use of our products,” Remington Outdoor Company CEO George Kollitides wrote to some upstate officials Oct. 20.

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