Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Decline of Western Man (and Woman)


A conversation with F. Roger Devlin.
I would be very much surprised if there is a single reader of this interview who is unfamiliar with the writing of F. Roger Devlin. In addition to his frequent attendance at the kind of gatherings the SPLC reports on, his frequent book reviews and occasional essays have been carried by nearly every corner of the web that makes up the unauthorized right, and that has been the case for over a decade now.

Although generally very private, Dr. Devlin tells us that he is from Baltimore, and received his PhD in Political Philosophy from Tulane University. For those of you interested in familiarizing yourselves with the man and his work a bit more before reading on, I recommend his most famous essay Sexual Utopia in Power, along with his two more personal essays: Why I Write and The Academy: Reform or Secession. Below, Dr. Devlin shares his thoughts on literature, the late Sam Francis, economics, and much more.

What does the “F” in your name stand for?

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