Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Thrill of Shopping with One’s Wife

Via Cousin Colby


When I first received these photographs, they struck an immediate chord with me. If my case it was not the wife, who you will not believe, hates shopping just as much as I do. It was my daughter. I also detest it but when we drew straws about who would perform which household chore, I drew the short straw on this one.

Maybe females attend Shopping School surreptitiously but how is it possible that all my shopping training with her over the years as she was growing up counted for nothing when she reached puberty. All of a sudden here was this little madam explaining to me how one ought to be shopping.

The week-end excursion to the local Pick ‘n Pay at Blackheath became worse than plucking one’s eyebrows and just as painful. But she never relented.

The worst was clothes shopping. Instead of my well-honed method of a quick reccie of the clothes racks and then a snap decision, it now became a laborious process of matching colours to other items of clothing which then also had to be purchased at the same time. I was reliably informed that if the whole combination of top, pants and shoes were not purchased simultaneously, they would always be a mismatch.

Then when my daughter reached early puberty, I received the following call.

“Hi daddy. How is it going?


  1. Here's an idea; instead of water boarding suspected terrorist, why not instead force them to go shopping with our significant females (wives, girlfriends and daughters)? All it would take is a day or two, and they would be pleading to tell us every thing they know and begging for their respective prison cells. If we have to suffer through this, they ought to as well.

  2. BTW, one more thing, just to show you what an evil SOB I am...Let's take same suspected terrorist and put to him that same much feared and dreaded question(s) that we have had to deal with; "Does this make me look fat?" or "Does this look good on me?". We know, that there are certain questions that no matter how you answer it, you're going to get in trouble for it.

  3. The only thing that I'm interested in shopping for is Books, Fabric, & Weapons. To go shopping for clothes is akin to torture for me. My husband used to take our teenaged daughters shopping for school clothes. This was his method...they went to the mall, he handed each one of them $100.00 (this was a few years ago when that amount of money could actually buy something) and told them that was all they were getting so find good buys and make good choices. They had their choice of buying one really cool pair of jeans or looking for bargains and having more in their wardrobe. To this day, they are very astute shoppers, lol.

    1. They had their choice of buying one really cool pair of jeans or looking for bargains and having more in their wardrobe. To this day, they are very astute shoppers, lol.

      Well done!

  4. My wife dont ask me to go along anymore. (Actualy she wont let me go) I dont tolerate getting shoved ,pushed or being rammed by carts. I also dont buy chinese crap just because its "bargain" priced. So my wife just tells me to go deer hunting and let her handle black(and blue) friday.

  5. I was able to out shop my wife, by loading some much stuff into the cart, then uttering "almost done babe".... Thereby being banned FOREVER from "going to the store with her".......
    (Mission accomplished!!)