Monday, January 5, 2015

Vote Boehner out tomorrow, January 6.

 My representative Walter Jones will vote against Boehner.

I had a conference call with our Congressman, Mark Meadows, about 3:30 your time. about 15 people were on the line.

As of then, Mark and other conservatives did not yet have the firm commitment of 29 Republicans required to deny Boehner a majority.  But many are on the fence, not wanting Boehner, but not wanting to risk the wrath of Boehner, the establishment, and the special interests that back them. The Caddell poll indicates that 60 percent of Republican voters want no more of Boehner as speaker. Only 25 percent support him. 

The  Republican county chairs and Tea Party leaders in NC11 are 100 percent against Boehner and strongly so. At the precinct and club leadership levels in this county, it runs over 90 percent opposition to retaining Boehner as speaker. 

I don't think enough people in Washington realize how upset Republican voters are with Boehner and  his alliances and compromises with Obama on amnesty and the huge and unstudied $1.1 Trillion budget that aids and finances Obama's unconstitutional acts and special interests at the expense of the common good. Boehner is Obama's new best friend.  

Please call or email as many as you can to pray that enough conservatives would have the wisdom and courage to vote Boehner out tomorrow, January 6.

--Mike Scruggs


  1. I am pretty sure I don't have to worry about what my rep will do (Justin Amash).

    1. Yes, Ma'am and we've got to come up with a lot more, but you never know.

  2. From this article, Amash is keeping it to himself as to how he will vote. That's fine - what counts is that he votes for anyone other than Boehner tomorrow. If Boehner prevails, then What? I read this interview that Beck had with Gohmert - geez, Louie should be running for POTUS with his platform.