Tuesday, February 17, 2015

10 Hours of Walking in Paris as a Jew

To tell you the truth, I imagine if I walked for 10 hours in Paris, I would receive that many disparaging remarks of some sort.


  1. How would I, or anyone, know what a guy's religion is, just by looking at him strolling down the street?

  2. Oh, okay!

    'Tis a Yarmulka.

    But, if he didn't flaunt it, no one would ever guess.

    Regardless, Jews should be free to walk the streets unmolested and unafraid.

    1. So should all, but easier said than done. :) Couldn't even walk a block in SF in '71 with out getting hit up by panhandlers asking for money for a Turkey leg. :)

  3. He also had a bodyguard. Not impressed. Try walking thru Detroit at nite
    being white. You might even become a statistic or maybe not.