Tuesday, February 17, 2015

For Those Who Are Raising Boys To Become Men….......

Via Michael 

.......… Do you want your boy to grow up to be a competent man? Do you reject the notion that kids should not handle dangerous tools? Do you want to prepare your kids for difficult times where they might need to actually do something helpful – and to think for themselves?

This does not apply to only boys but mostly boys will embrace the ideas.

You might watch these.


  1. The videos put tears in my eyes remembering when....

    My wife and I raised three boys (and three girls) in the piney woods of East Texas near Daingerfield. As I viewed the videos, the flashback from the video was overwhelming and very pleasant.

    All have grown up and have families of their own; all are freedom cherishing
    Americans that make wonderful neighbors. I smile at them all. The memories are great but where did the years go?"

    Thanks Brock, for the videos and all that you do.