Friday, February 20, 2015

Group Seeks Land to Fly Confederate Flag in Charlottesville

Via Dan

Virginia Flaggers is looking for land in Charlottesville to fly flags of the Confederacy.

The group's action is in response to the upcoming vote by Charlottesville City Council to stop observing Lee-Jackson Day. Virginia Flaggers is asking for roadside land to display flags of the Confederate States of America.

Group members visiting Charlottesville say ending the state holiday neglects an important chapter in Virginia's history, and Virginians need to be reminded of the southern veterans from the Civil War.

More with video @ NBC 29


  1. Holy crap! Heres a damn yankees perspective. The Stars n Bars were never meant to represent racism or hatred. It was a flag. Where did slavery start in Ameruca? The Brits brought over Irish for slave labor to the Colonies. Then the Brits and others found Africans who would sell them other Africans to be sold in America as slaves. Slave labor has been going on for thousands of years and is still going on. If you liberal idiots would put as much effort into fighting human slavery as you do trying to take away the history of Dixie, maybe you would make a difference. I hate the concept of slavery but this country was built on slave labor of some form or another. And its not just a black issue. Irish, Chinese, and who knows who else. Wanna talk about the North doing bad things to a race of people? Look at the American Indians. Shot, bayoneted, burned, starved, poisoned, beaten. Young and old, men and women, children too. Some one please stand up for your history and Heritage and offer a place that the government and those that seek to erase history Cannot touch. Stand tall stand proud and raise your flags in victory over these tyrants.

    1. You know your history and there many whites from Europe who were either slaves or had to perform as one for many years. The first slave owner in the states was a black man.