Friday, February 20, 2015

State Dept. Asks for Solutions to Counter Extremists; GOP Sen. Trolls Them

Via Joe

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The White House held a summit on combating violent extremism this week, so today the State Department asked people on Twitter to share their thoughts on how to combat extremists: Now, of course, much of the response they got wasn’t exactly what they were looking for:

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  1. Obama and his brotherhood are fearing the American citizen.

  2. Whomever you are, wherever you are, your only choice
    is to start killing these opportunistic, criminal, duplicitous,
    and traitorous communuist shitbags.
    The bankers.
    The whoring propagandists posing as journalists.
    The statists dictators of the left.
    The statists dictators of the right.
    Any and all "elected" diarrhetic leeches.
    Drown the lamposts and trees with hanging fruit.
    Find the nearest vertical wall
    of standing bricks and line them up against,
    drowning it's red masonry from sight.
    Shoulder to shoulder and side by side.
    You do your AO.
    I'll do mine.
    We'll meet in the middle.
    Kill them all.