Friday, February 20, 2015

Video Shows Concealed Carrying Pharmacist Defending Against Armed Robbery

"We carry all the time.” 

Police in West Virginia have released dramatic video surveillance which shows a pharmacist defending himself and a store full of workers and customers against a masked armed robber.

Terry Gillenwater, 25, entered Good Family Pharmacy in Pinch, W. Va. Wednesday morning wearing a bandana and carrying a gun.

Don Radcliff, one of the pharmacists on staff, had just joked about how Gillenwater must have been there to rob the store when the suspect attempted to do just that.

Surveillance video released by the Kanahwa County sheriff’s department shows Gillenwater reaching into his jacket and pulling out a gun. Radcliff did not hesitate to do the same.


  1. The statement ”we carry all the time" can be problematic. It may deter some but most people robbing pharmacy's do so because they are addicts.....desperate people who are rarely deterred....they need their fix at any cost. Publicizing the fact that employees are armed can lead to robbers announcing their intent with a bullet to the head of who they think may be verbal announcement, just BOOM! Discretion is usually the best course of action. Bad guys need to wonder who is or is not armed.....not know for sure.

  2. Thanks and a reason I only CCW, not open carry, but I assumed that they all carry and if so, I'm not sure which would be better.

  3. All I can say is that the pharmacist is one kool cucumber. Thank goodness he kept his head and stayed on task. Sorry that he has to live with taking a life, it cant be easy but the pharmacist was defending himself from a man who chose a danderous path.

    1. Indeed. A Vietnamese friend came to Tarboro from CA and bought a country store in Speed. I told him he should get a gun which he did, but initially said that it would be better to just give them the money. I mentioned that that might have been true years ago, but these days they might kill you anyway for spite. Double tap and continue if you consider him a threat. Later a man who came to his store everyday walked in with the same bandanna he wore all the time on his head, but pulled down over his face. He had a .45 and my friend gave him money, called the police, told them where he lived and he was in custody within 10 minutes. You have to wonder some times.