Saturday, April 18, 2015

Blinded by laser-armed cops

Via avordvet

 The Z-Ro Retinal Obfuscation weapon mounted to a handgun.

Last summer’s riots in Ferguson, Missouri, prompted much talk by President Obama and certain members of Congress about the need to demilitarize local police forces. Nearly a year later, the opposite is happening.

New and more powerful weapons are flowing into local police departments daily, and still others are new to the marketplace.

One weapon about to make its debut is the “Z-Ro Retinal Obfuscation” gun. When fired, the gun allows an officer to temporarily blind his targeted subject for up to 15 minutes.

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  1. Easily thwarted with a set of auto darkening welding goggles or even the right type of plastic sunglass lenses. If you know the wavelength of the light it is quite simple to create a lens that allows most light through but blocks the wavelength of the laser.

    And the nonsense that such a device can 'blind' someone yet is harmless is a bunch of BS.....anyone subjected to this WILL have some level of retinal damage, the only question being how much and how persistent.

    1. such a device can 'blind' someone yet is harmless

      I was also curious about that.