Saturday, April 18, 2015

The STEM Scam. Corruption, Negligence, or just Stupidity?


National Data: STEM Wages’ Shocking Stagnation Destroys Case For Increased Immigration.

Mike Scruggs

Were you thinking that a degree in science, technology, engineering, or math would be a good opportunity for you, your children, or your grand children to get a good paying job?

Not as long U.S. technology firms can import great numbers of STEM workers from abroad at cheaper wages. 

There is no STEM worker shortage,  There are more than enough American STEM graduates to fill the jobs. Too many in fact. Many STEM graduates wind up waiting tables, washing cars, working as a retail clerk, or general clerical jobs that waste their education and talents and are low paid.

U.S. and International technology firms continually lobby Congress for more
foreign STEM workers, flooding the market with STEM workers who will do the jobs for about 30 percent less. The best and the brightest? That is a big part of the Tech companies' sales pitch, but it applies to very few people. Staple Green Cards on the diplomas of foreign student STEM graduates of U.S. colleges?  Given the existing surplus of American STEM graduates, stapling a Green Card to a foreign student's diploma automatically knocks an American STEM graduate out of a job.

Most voters know little about our immigration system, except that our borders are not secure and our laws are not enforced, and it is politically incorrect to protest.    In fact, most political candidates, even for President, have not done their homework on immigration issues. Most members of Congress don't do their homework on immigration issues.  They just vote in favor of whatever the technology corporations' lobbyists say they need or will make the economy grow. Technology corporations are also generous donors to political campaigns. But does the economy grow when lower paid foreign workers result in a net displacement of jobs or job opportunities for Americans? No, it actually weakens the economy, even more so, if the American workers resort to unemployment or welfare benefits.

I have been a political fund raiser, so I know well how hard it is for most candidates to raise money. That makes them especially vulnerable to various lobby groups who are looking out for corporate interests, which frequently do not coincide with the interests of American workers and taxpayers, nor the common good of the American people

Our immigration system is not broken; it is corrupt. Corrupt government leads to corrupt businesses and a corrupt society. Immigration is like wine or chocolate. It is beneficial in moderation but disastrous when overindulged. We are positively corrupt in our overindulgence.

The Schumer-Rubio Senate Amnesty bill of 2013 would have given amnesty to about 11 million unlawful immigrants, but the reason it was popular with high tech corporate executives was that it would have allowed an immigration surge of 20 to 30 million more legal immigrants into the United States over the next 10 years. Amnesty would be terrible for U..S. workers and taxpayers, but the immigration surge would multiply severe damage  to American workers. I would call this unconscionable corruption, but many of our Congress members don't look past the the next election in their economic "analysis." 

Immigration has become such a sacred cow that it is being allowed to destroy the country and the hopes of all Americans for a prosperous economy, just government, responsible freedom, reverenced Constitutional liberties, public safety, and national security. Immigration has been a road to prosperity at times, but too much un-vetted immigration is a road to national disintegration and destruction. We are now on the latter road, driven by corruption, poor judgment, foolish ideologies, and totalitarian lusts for power and levels of political correctness. We may not have much time left to change course.

We need to pay more attention to integrity, intelligence, wisdom, courage, and a high sense of duty, honor, and patriotism  in electing our political leaders. They should be able and willing to do their homework on issues and unshakable in their determination to do the right thing for the common good. They should be good at understanding people and issues, but electing leaders based merely on secondary charm and crowd-pleasing  abilities has brought us to the rim of disaster.

                                    Read this Vdare com article  by a U.S. economist.


  1. Many of the political elite, corporate elite, and financial elite are corrupted and more than happy to trade favors that do not benefit the rest of society. In history you can see this cyclical behavior play out just before and during financial bubbles. There is nothing new under the sun.

    1. nothing new under the sun.

      Yes, me,me, me......