Monday, April 13, 2015

Murderers’ Row at Columbia – Grotesque.

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screenshot mugshot kathy boudin and today

Front Page Magazine, by Matthew Vadum

Weather Underground terrorist and convicted cop killer Kathy Boudin is now surrounded by fellow felons on the staff of the Columbia University School of Social Work where she crusades against the supposedly systemic racism of the justice system.

The septuagenarian Boudin is assistant adjunct professor and director of the school’s ‘Criminal Justice Initiative: Supporting Children, Families and Communities’ (CJI), which appears to be focused on keeping criminals like her out of prison by abolishing imprisonment as a punishment. As her official bio states, the initiative, which she co-founded, ‘is dedicated to ending society’s reliance on incarceration and retribution and advancing solutions….’

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Besides, Kathy Boudin, other fellow Communists/felons/members of Criminal Justice Initiative (CJI) are:


  1. Say it isn't so... and at the adopted home of the Frankfurt School too... who'd have thunk it...