Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Expansionist Right Also Goes After Walker

Via David

Rich, it’s not just HuffPo and MSNBC attacking Scott Walker for his tentative and wholly commonsensical observations that the well-being of American workers needs to be taken into account when crafting immigration policy. Heck, he didn’t even actually call for reductions in future immigration (though he did name-drop Jeff Sessions), but the expansionists on the right have piled on in response to the mere possibility of future cuts.
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  1. Accccck. Don't fall for this horseshit. Watch actions, not words. For the past fifteen years he has advocated open borders and amnesty. Even after he tried to change his message, he can't keep his amnesty story straight when he's talking to different crowds.
    He's angling for the middle ground between Jeb and Rubio. ... in other words- no difference at all.