Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What should we do about "gun violence"?

Buy more of course, so everyone would carry and have at least one in their home. 

Guns and Public Health


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    1. Murder rates have actually been declining, so they used “gun” deaths in the chart without explaining how they produced it which of course was done on purpose since facts are inconvenient to commies.×365.png

  2. Funny it's consumption and not deaths from tobacco use.
    Disingenuous at best. 12 years for gun violence. 34 years for car deaths. 50 years for tuberc.

    You watch though - this public health shit is the *exact* modus operandi of this douchebag surgeon general.

    1. Thanks and I'm well aware of this, but a Left-Of-Lenin liberal sent it to me and I thought I would post it in spite :)

  3. One needs to keep in mind that statistics can be shaped to fit any predetermined outcome that you want. Add to that your "subject matter expert" (aka paid professional liar) in the proper authority uniform ( bussiness suit or a white lab coat) and you now have a manipulator of public opinion (the sheeple).