Friday, May 22, 2015

Michelle Obama Gets Chilling Mention in Islamic State Magazine Article, ‘Slave-Girls or Prostitutes?’

Via Joe

Image source: Dabiq 

The latest edition of the Islamic State’s propaganda magazine Dabiq is prompting some double-takes over the picture of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry alongside Arab world leaders — but the issue’s vile mention of first lady Michelle Obama could cause a bigger stir.

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  1. This will never reach the US main stream news.
    anti female, anti black, outwardly raciss? too many lightning rods for today's gentler, more cow-towed and obedient media outlets to even *think* of covering...

  2. Read the attached pdf file. Some good stuff there. What a bunch of psychopaths...

    In a nutshell: "After taking over a region, we aren't enslaving anyone. Once the murder, torture, and rapes are complete and we've convinced our enemies of the error of their ways, they are more than willing to voluntarily come over to our way of thinking."

    The religion of peace...followed to a T.

    Makes our boys' sacrifices over there seem SO worthwhile.

    1. There is only one solution to the "religion", but I know you're too kindly a heart to consider it.................! :)