Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Clear the Shelves of Confederate Stuff to Make Way for Commies

Via Billy

It was only a matter of hours after the controversy over South Carolina’s Confederate flag erupted that major retailers like Walmart, Amazon and eBay announced they would no longer sell Confederate flag merchandise. A spokesman for eBay called it a “contemporary symbol of divisiveness.” And we all know “divisiveness” is the worst.

Far worse than, say, murdering hundreds of millions of people like Nazis and Communists did. But what do you know? You can still order Nazi and Communist paraphernalia on Amazon and eBay. Want a Che Guevara tank top? Here’s your chance. Need a German WWII Reproduction Luftwaffe Officer’s Cap? It’s just one click away. How about a bust of Joseph Stalin? No one is defending slavery, but which is worse: slavery or mass murder?


  1. Here, Here ! Thanks for posting this article. I hope this movement takes hold!

  2. If the test is, as stated by Walmart, that they won't carry anything that offends people, then we need to make a list of things that offend us, and hammer Walmart with it until they crack. I'd imagine a few marches on their stores in the south might get their attention.
    We should feed this back to them in spades.

  3. Looking at this bill ayers type terrorist face, another shark attack - Surf City, North
    Carolina. Not real serious from what I heard.

    1. Wow. Thanks. Maybe we could train them to come out of the water of eat liberals.;)