Wednesday, June 24, 2015


 Via comment by Anonymous on Where Have All the Crisis Actors Gone?


Video deleted X 1,000 :) , but at LiveLeak now.


  1. The folks standing around hoping for a their moment of youtube fame, truly suck, and the black girl who pulled the white girl to the ground while holding her baby in her arms, should be put on a chain gang for the next few years doing hard labor, while she thinks about just how poor her choices were that day in the park!

  2. Even more repulsive is the news station blurring out the faces (skin color people!) of the attacking BLACK and the defending White.

    And the same news report not mentioning the BLACK ATTACK on a WHITE with a LITTLE CHILD....while incessantly mentioning the CRAZY White asshole who shot Black people in Church dozens upon dozens of times.

    The Media is totally in bed with OZERO and his RINO Fellators!

  3. Brock, being that the moonbats have removed that video due to it smashing the narrative of the prog left, we can't watch it. Any way to repost a viewable one?

  4. You can mark this up with what others will have to contend with - unabated savages.

  5. WTF...un-f'g people stood by and watched? These little b's need to be put down.

    1. If you tried to intervene, the left would go after you for attacking a child.