Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Battle Flag and Guns

 Desperate Valor
 Gen. John Bell Hood and his Texas Brigade spearhead the largest assault of the WBTS in this painting by Dale Gallon.

As my nephew mentioned:  Everything that is wrong in this nation is blamed either on the Confederate Flag or guns.........

Comment by freedixie on Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste X2

A lunatic goes into a church and coldly murders nine people as they are worshiping our God. This is an inexcusable act. Just as inexcusable are the attacks by politicians and others with an agenda. They are attacking guns and the Confederate Flag, blaming these inanimate objects for this horrid crime. They are politicizing this mass murder to push their own selfish, narrow-minded agenda, without one thought to these poor victims, their families, and friends. How shameful!

That gun did not just jump up and run into the church and start killing people. There was a sick person using it that caused this tragedy. Pictures of this lunatic holding a small Confederate Flag mean absolutely nothing, but those who are pushing the cultural genocide war against all things Southern and Confederate see this as an opportunity to further their sick agenda. This killer had a small, black car. Why don’t we ban all small black cars? He was wearing a white T-shirt. Why don’t we ban white T-shirts? He was wearing a yellow shirt over the white one. Why don’t we ban all yellow shirts? I mean, if guns are to be banned, and the Confederate Flag banned because of his association with them, why not ban everything he had an association with? It makes just as much sense to do this as what is being currently pushed.

These people are just as sick as the kid who committed these murders. They are trying to stamp out the Constitution, both the 1st and 2nd Amendments, with their convoluted views on guns and history. They pushed for the removal of the Confederate Flag from the SC Capitol building 20 years ago, and said it would be fine to have it at the current location. They promised to never bother the flag again. Well, we see how good their word is. Connect the dots back to Reconstruction when rewritten history started to be taught to school children, and you can see how 150 years of indoctrination and brainwashing has twisted the thinking of millions of people, and sadly, many Southerners belong to this brainwashed group.

Our Confederate ancestors fought, not to protect and promote slavery, but to defend their homes and families from the raping, pillaging, burning, and murder that was thrust upon them by Lincoln’s illegal invasion. Lincoln was after the revenues and cared not a whit about slavery. The South was paying 85% of the federal revenues, and getting very little in return, while the Northern industrialists and bankers were reaping the benefits. The Confederate Flag represents a people fighting for the exact same reasons their ancestors fought the Revolutionary War.

For people to take such a heartbreaking and senseless tragedy as this mass killing in Charleston, SC and without any thought of the victims, just turn it into a political platform for gun control, which is a proven failure, and the further cultural genocide of our Confederate heritage and symbols is beyond inexcusable. It wreaks of cultural Marxism, and it must be brought to a halt.

As Sir William Wallace stated in 1281, "Any society which suppresses the heritage of its conquered minorities, prevents their history, and denies them their symbols, has sewn the seed of its own destruction." I pray that the cultural genocide crowd would wake up, along with the gun control crowd, before it is too late.


  1. I'd like to know how removing the Confederate flag will magically prevent another mass murder via the use of a firearm. But I suppose the need to be seen "doing some thing" over rides any common sense or logic. I can not take seriously some one who wants that flag removed from public sight, yet at the same time can not tell me when the WBTS was fought or correctly identify the major figures in it.
    Again, there have been enough mass shooting to draw a one-to-one connection. THE common factor is that the shooter was on a psych med and the lack of a real father in the shooters life. But it is easier to call for a superficial response in the way banning some thing or passing another law. It is far more difficult to reconsider the over use of psych meds (as well as the notion that what ever problem you have can be fixed by swallowing a pill). Or the impact of children being raised without a traditional father is working out. For all its faults, we did not have mass shooting in the era of the father as THE head of household (along with a stay at home mom, who just needed to use; "Just wait till your father gets home" to keep the discipline.

    1. Some good points and bring back my childhood.

    2. wellput, if you don't mind, I am gonna share this on my FB page and site you as the writer and site

  2. It's "SQUIRREL" ... so that you are not paying attention to:

    the final nail in the coffin with the trade agreements, the intelligence leaks, the obvious looting of the treasury, the complete incompetence of every single local, state and federal agency that exists (because power corrupts) the destruction of everything that makes us "Merika" must be destroyed.. because they are preparing for OUR destruction.

    1. yep and how can we stop it.....there is no serious resistance....we haven't hit the tipping point? if not now, when?