Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dash Cam Footage Of Charleston Church Shooting Suspect Dylann Roof Being Arrested

Via comment by Anonymous on Charleston and the Confederate Flag Battle "This is the dash cam video of Roof being arrested who supposedly just killed nine people. Notice how calmly the police approach the car, no frenzy, no shouts of 'hands on the steering wheel', no grabbing Roof and throwing him on the ground. It's like their arresting the guy next door. This is suppose to be an armed, crazed killer. WTH It's like those couple of police who drew their guns, it was just for the camera. Half heartily. Roof - nothing."





  1. Big FF if you ask me - but you didn't, so here is an interesting analysis from Dr. Tracy. Be sure to read the last paragraph.


  2. Now, UNCA students are calling for the name VANCE removed from the campus
    police station. The idiot, Roof, holding the two Confederate Flags looked staged.
    This couldn't have been planned better if the gov had done it themselves. You
    notice how all the politicians except Palmer are all on board. This was nothing
    but a ploy.

  3. Really makes you wonder, never letting a good disaster go to waste or making the disaster with a designed "opportunity," from the beginning.....

    1. making the disaster with a designed "opportunity," from the beginning.....

      It could have all been a happenstance, but whether it was or not will probably never be known.