Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Confederate Men “Locked And Loaded”

Via LH

Reverend Manning on the warpath again. :)  For quite a while I felt I had something in common with him, but dismissed it as he was from New York.  Then I found out that he was raised in Red Springs, NC where my mother went to Flora Macdonald College.

Reverend James David Manning opens by saying, “There are men that are ready right now to defend the nation against the liberals in the north.” He says, “I want this to be clear, they are men, you may call them Confederates, you may call them southerners, you can call them what you choose…They are ready to defend this nation. Not only to defend their own home, their own states, that’s not just their cause.”

He continues, “They’re not only ready to defend their way of life, to defend their children from having to go to public schools where their children are taught that sodomy is right, that man with man is good and girl with girl is good, and Bruce Jenner becomes the order of the day. They’re not going to let you do that.”

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  1. Preach it Rev!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. AMEN! Someone needs to Preach the warning to the Liberal Communists. I fear the warning falls upon deaf ears tho. So be it! :) For God and Our Children