Wednesday, July 1, 2015

NC: ‘Black Lives Matter’ spray-painted on Confederate monument in Durham

Via Nancy

 Video @ WNCN

Durham Police are investigating after they say vandals spray-painted a monument honoring confederate soldiers Wednesday morning.

Police responded to the Maplewood Cemetery near Duke University’s campus shortly after 9 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Police said the vandals sprayed-painted “Black Lives Matter” and “Tear It Down” on one of the headstones at the cemetery.

Stewart Dunaway, a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, was at the defaced monument on Wednesday afternoon.

He used a wire brush and chemicals to try to remove paint


  1. Black Lives Do Not Matter. 35 million black babies aborted since Roe v. Wade. 55 million Blacks live in America today. Ask Reverend Al to explain why he turns a blind eye to this horor.

    1. Good point and of course for him, there's no money in it or else he would scream bloody murder.

  2. The solution to ending this, as previously commented: We are
    now in an open war with
    the "elected" treasonous communists and their
    foot soldiers destroying our Republic.
    It is time to start performing accordingly.
    At a minimum, those living in the AO's of Confederate
    memorials and cemeteries must begin organizing
    (QUICKLY) for their defense.
    Doing so will bring a quick end to this shit.

  3. No. Black lives DO NOT matter. Not when they do things like this.

    1. Someone commented, what about the 30 million abortions?

  4. I realize there is so much about recent events regarding the Confederate Flag that simply doesn't make sense, but the vandalizing of these monuments, at least the ones I've seen, appear to be a coordinated effort. Even the style of lettering from different parts of the country look the same. I see a dual purpose for such actions. One is further divide the races and the other is to further the commie tactic of erasing history/culture. I would imagine the average black person could care less and would say these are acts by agitators/provocateurs. I would like to catch someone in the act.

  5. All blacks and mulattos should be forced back to their
    land of love and liberty in Africa. They can be given
    a choice of countries to be resettled in. This land
    is and was never a creation of the negro. The
    descendants of the pioneers have become their
    endless milk cows. They hate us and consider
    their history to be onerous due to slavery which
    began before the Confederacy and continues today.
    Send them back and bring in the White Africans
    who are being tortured, raped and murdered
    in Southern Africa. A fair exchange for both races.

    1. bring in the White Africans who are being tortured, raped and murdered in Southern Africa.

      That is the real travesty.

    2. I could get behind that idea.

  6. So much for the KKK when they were dignified, intelligent, and organized.
    What is left of the KKK today is ridiculous:
    Note the flag.

    1. Yes, the KKK after the War was completely different from the one that arose later.

      The Union League and the KKK

    2. Very interesting and thanks. My grandfather was a member of the KKK
      in Georgia and though I never knew him as he was much older than my
      grandmother, my grandmother said the KKK did good things. They
      were the law, the only law and those who committed atrocities knew what
      was coming. I must say these law enforcers were better than today's.

  7. My grandfather being a KKK member was visited by the KKK himself for having
    sexual relations with my grandmother during the last trimester - this was against
    the law as it should be. The KKK came and got my grandfather and when he
    returned, he never spoke a word to anyone on what happened to him. And he
    never repeated the offense.

    1. Very interesting, but wonder how they found out?

    2. I don't know but I figure my grandmother mentioned it to someone
      or someone came by at that time. Or, I might have known and have