Friday, July 10, 2015

Honoring Confederate Flags and Symbols

Via Carl

                                                    The Grand Fabrication: Fort Pillow       

During Vietnam, while at Fort Benning, Georgia as a young enlistee, I witnessed a parade with Army historical color guards and colors from our nation’s history being paraded.  I still have photos of it.  As a young Southerner I was proud of the fact that a Confederate Army color guard marched with a Battle Flag in review.  This color guard represented the valor and courage of soldiers who were my ancestors.  Under President McKinley, a series of four acts of Congress from 1900-1958 restored Confederate soldiers’ standing as “American” soldiers ---- part of “reconciliation” of the North and South.  That’s why Confederates have VA headstones. That reconciliation is now being undone by haters and people with a lack of cultural historical knowledge and appreciation despite a comprehensive national poll by Lou Harris. That poll shows that 82% of Americans have no problems with Confederate emblems.  In an age of PC, the tyranny of the minority appears to be the rule.
 I have taught logic and critical thinking courses at the Army’s Command and General Staff College for years. I taught in the graduate history department prior to retiring from the US Army.  What amazes me is the lack of historical knowledge by graduate students. 
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