Friday, July 10, 2015

Our History and the Future

Via Richard

Everything is spiritual. First understand that. Every organism--whether the individual human being, or an entire culture, or an entire civilization--ALL have a soul. "Soul" defined as that which the organism is in its deep heart core WITH the possibilities latent within itself. So that is the starting point.

Next is the fact--and it is a fact--that every organism has a life span. Things appear; they develop (according to the possibilities latent in the soul); then they die. ​

There is a rhythm to life. To organic life, that is. This is why history repeats itself. This is why there is an observable rhythm of war and peace. This is why all great cultures have followed the exact same paths of birth, development, decline, and death. Ancient Babylonia; ancient Egypt; ancient India; ancient China & Japan; ancient Middle East; ancient Mexico & Peru; the Classical Greeks and Roman; and our own Western Culture, which degenerated (between 1750-1850) into Western Civilization because Rationalism and Materialism came to dominate Western thought and action. That is because, as time passed, Westerners--as all others before us--began to look more and more outward rather than inward, as they had done during the culture phase. This caused people to move increasingly into cities. This brought about "science" and technology. All are signs of the externalization of the soul, which expresses itself in rationalism and materialism, as it abandons religion. (And this is, of course, a general picture, for there are ALWAYS people like us in EVERY period and in every place. But we are in the minority--for now. But that will change. It always has. History testifies to it.)

This (rationalism and materialism) is where "liberalism" comes from. "Liberals" are divorced from reality. They have no interest in facts or in truth. That is why they are impervious to facts and truth. They try to apply inorganic logic to living organisms because, as rationalist-materialists, they actually believe that human beings are mechanisms instead of organisms. This is why they are always yammering about "programs" and "education" and "progress." They think that ALL of history has been leading up to --THEM. Are they not, after all, the most intelligent and enlightened people EVER? (If you don't think so, ASK one.)

But rationalism and materialism MUST devour themselves, and that is what we are witnessing now. There is no alternative. Why? Because humans are organisms, not mechanisms. And when one tries to apply inorganic logic to living organisms, there can be only two results--one of those results we ALWAYS get; the other only sometimes. Those two results are (1) bungling and (2) disaster. Do "liberals" not ALWAYS lead us into bungling and disaster? It is because they regard everything as subject to Reason, which is foolish and false, be cause Life is irrational and organic; not mechanistic and inorganic.

(Inorganic logic is the sort of logic that we find and use in mathematics and in engineering--building bridges and roads and whatnot. Organic logic is the logic that arises form Life--with a capital L. And Life--as you all will have noticed--is IRRATIONAL. And the logic that is useful for bulding brides and roads is not useful for ordering human life, or indeed for any sort of organic life, be it human, or Cultural, or civilizational.)

So in the end, rationalism and materialism MUST degenerate, such that they once again slip back into religion and the resurgence of Authority, and that is what we are seeing now. This is why we have a new religion in the West ("political correctness"). This is why we see police states arising everywhere in the West. We are in the final stages of the life cycle of our Civilization.

But that does NOT mean that ANY of us will live to see the end. We have a LONG way yet to go. And it does NOT mean that our people will go down to defeat and disappear. After all, there are still Indians and Chinese and Aztecs and Mayas and Egyptians, etc. No, what is still possible for us--and this is OUR LIFE TASK--is to return to the manly virtues of discipline; duty; strength; sacrifice; honor; etc. We DO have time to realize the possibilities that STILL remain within the Western soul--domination of the entire world.

Of course, we have enemies within the gates, who act as pathogens within our Western Organism, making it sick. But the Western soul remains INTACT and it WILL express itself again in war and in conquest. That is ginning up right now before our eyes. Does anyone doubt that there is going to be a race war? Indeed, it has already begun. We see it everywhere we look. And it will last for another century at least.

But the future still belongs to us. Eventually, of course, the West will die, as all earthly things must. But we shall not live to see that happen. We are now seeing the warfare that will take up the next century or century and a half. And our people WILL triumph one last time. OUR LIFE TASK is to prepare ourselves and whichever of our people we can reach for the struggle ahead. But I am confident that our people will triumph. Probably none of us now living will see that day, but it will come because it must come. All of history testifies to it. We have seen it over and over. This is why there is a rhythm to life; it is why history repeats. That is not accidental or incidental.

Things really are following the path they must follow. The future belongs to those who are alert to it and who are in tune with the Truth--and that is not "liberals."

Be of good courage. Look to our people's future, and prepare. Duty; courage; sacrifice; discipline, honor. These are the virtues we must inculcate into ourselves and into as many of our people as we can. But remember that the Western soul is already attuned to these very things, so the ground IS fertile, although it doesn't look like it right now. But we have the evidence of the 1930s to show that these virtues DO triumph when our people take them up and live by them. THAT is our task. Don't be afraid.


  1. After years of peaceful protest and unsuccessful petitioning the King and Parliament our nation’s forefathers and my ancestors grew weary. They did not vote them out of office, they did not seek to impeach them. They did not march on their offices or ask them for their rights.

    They fucking shot them.

  2. Posted same comment at WRSA:
    I’m still flying MY flag and wearing it – so is my direct family and tribe. Who will come take it down? Volunteers?????
    Might I suggest 3×5 stickers of our flag pasted everywhere the commies don’t want it? I’ve been doing this for awhile – wear gloves so as not to leave fingerprints. You can also defeat cameras –
    best done at night with a group of sentinels watching your ass. Cheap effective psyops. Gentlemen – don’t let your enemies anger you. This is a marathon - and it's just getting started. may take 20 years to win - hope I live to see the victory march and hangings.
    Red in OleVirginny

    1. Agreed and I always said I should have been born 100 years earlier and leaving it during the War. Maybe the Upcoming Festivities.

  3. Brock
    With men like you we are not pathetic - but undeniably strong. God willing if my wife's health improves then perhaps one day we can meet and raise a glass. Take care and stay the course my friend, as you have done for so many years.

    1. . God willing if my wife's health improves then perhaps one day we can meet and raise a glass.

      Thank you and I hope your wife does improve. Bring her to the salt water, may well do her a world of good. We are but a few minutes away in Cape Carteret.

  4. Good Morning Brock- I finally got time for another post. Little time to edit blog for good looks, but thought you might like the content! Quick question, would you mind if I tried putting the Seven Blackbirds video from Youtube on my blog? Not to copy you, it's just awesome! Take care.

    1. Not at all and send me the link once you do, please.