Thursday, July 30, 2015

NC: Cleveland County man angry after Confederate flag stolen

Via Michael Downing

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 "I'm sure they'll be back. But this time, I'm going to be ready," Mode said.

There's something missing from Todd Mode's front porch, and it's something that means more than just controversy to the Cleveland County man.

"Every time you see a rebel flag, it's not to say 'there's a man who's prejudice, there's a man who's got hate in his heart.' It's to say, 'I'm proud to be a Southerner,'" Mode said.  ]

Mode called WBTV after he says he came home Tuesday evening to find his beloved Confederate flag was gone, along with two small American flags which had been flying beside it. ]

"If I'd been home, things would have probably been ugly. Because I believe in defending my home," Mode said.

More with video @ WBTV


    WLOS News stated the spy cameras saw two white guys planting the flags.
    Pay-backs are Hell. LOL

    1. :) Of course, they could have been Useful Fools of which we have had many in the past: Fake hate crimes, etc.

  2. Yes, that is true. They could have been the prearranged race instigators. Didn't think about that. My point was, we got the haters tearing down Confederate flags on private property, maybe this was retaliation. Of course, they had to have thought of spy cameras, therefore, would have disguised themselves as Gollywogs.

  3. We shall see and it seems this whole rigmarole has quieted down fortunately.