Thursday, July 30, 2015

The False Narrative: White Female Teenager Beaten With a Brass Pipe In Blanchard, LA

It started when a group of four or five black males made inappropriate, sexually lewd comments at a gas station in Blanchard, LA:
“A Shreveport teenager will likely be left with permanent scars after being hit in the face with a metal pipe. It was reportedly thrown at her during a gas station brawl.
Shreveport police released surveillance video Wednesday which shows most of the action. The video shows five young men walking into the A & Y Quick Stop in the 4400 block of Hillry Huckaby Road.
Jessica Byrnes-Laird said the confrontation started when a group of strangers made some rude comments, and then it escalated from there.
“I was still in my bathing suit and there were a few males around my boyfriend’s age. They started speaking to me, they started saying inappropriate comments to me,” explained Jessica.
Jessica’s boyfriend then confronted the men, and fists begin flying.
More with video @ Occidental Dissent


  1. Uh---why isn't the boyfriend/his/her family and friends out hunting down the "youths" that did this? Good on the boyfriend for seemingly fighting for her.....

    I would have thought these "white" people would have more balls and went on a major coon hunt----maybe the CUCKservative label has a great deal of truth to it.

    Shreveport---show me that you care---make these "youths" dissapear from the area!

    Godspeed Segregation Nation!

    1. Shreveport---show me that you care---make these "youths" dissapear from the area!