Monday, August 17, 2015

Kalashnikov USA Releases Prices for American-Made AKs

 MSRP: $924.00

Last month when Kalashnikov USA announced their new lineup of American-made AKs and shotguns there was really only one question: How much?

Well, on Facebook Monday the company released pricing for each model.

Below is the MSRP for each model. At first glance these prices may induce a bit of sticker shock but remember they’re American Made.

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  1. Not to bad, now just roll back the nfa, and give me the selector. Those should be excellent rifles none the less.

    1. The wood one isn't blonde, but pretty close to my Bulgarian, though $200 more.

  2. Looks very tactical. Undoubtably of better quality than 99% of the Russian versions.

  3. Mmm nice - I've added a couple to my shopping list.
    I mean - what Merican can hold their head high if they *don't* have a 10round , mag fed shotgun? *grin*

  4. I've got one. :) Double loads, 00 followed by a slug.