Thursday, September 24, 2015

At least 717 people killed in Saudi Arabia hajj stampede

Via avordvet "Who knows, we might get lucky and make an even thousand, which means 1000 less chances of a muzzy jihadi performing in another Beheading, Burning, or Drowning of an 'infidel'. My only regret is that is wasn't a hundred thousand of those savages taking the eternal dirt-nap."
Reuters, citing Saudi state television, reported that the stampede took place in Mina, a tent city located approximately three miles east of Mecca itself. The area is on the main road from the center of Mecca to the Hill of Arafat, revered by Muslims as the place where Muhammad gave his farewell sermon to Muslims who had accompanied him to Mecca near the end of his life.

More with video @ Fox


  1. Do you know what I call that ?? A start....,

  2. They should do this every day. Very similar to the black on black violence in the hood,... Every little bit helps.

  3. God works in mysterious ways....:)

  4. First the lightning strike, now a stampede. They say good things come in threes don't they?

  5. First the lightning strike. Now a stampede. Don't they say that good things come in threes?

  6. I don't know what the mad stampede was about just to throw some pebbles at the Devil
    but the Saudis blame the stampede on the blacks:

    1. :) Thanks.