Thursday, September 24, 2015

The UniParty Evidenced – Another Missing Federal Budget, This Time With Republicans In Full Control…

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 McConnell and Boehner

It was September of 2007 when George W Bush sat behind his oval office desk and signed into law the Fiscal Year 2008 Federal Budget. Exactly eight years ago.

It has now been eight consecutive years without a federal budget. Eight consecutive years of debt ceiling increases, continuing resolutions to fund government, threats of shut-downs and the insufferable back-and-forth blame.


  1. A perfect example of there being no difference between republicans and democrats. During this time we have had every combination, democrat controlled congress, split control and republican controlled congress. All with the same outcome no budget.

    1. Good thing they don't work for a private business.

  2. But, they do work for certain corporations. Corporations and lobbyists with clot own this
    country. Over-throw of corporations should help a lot.