Thursday, September 24, 2015

Petition to display Confederate flag at Michigan school

  Via Billy
 HHSConfederate Flags.JPG
Well, I suwannee, a fairly presented piece on the Confederate Flag.  Why, they must have lost their minds...........:)

 Hastings Area Schools has received a petition signed by 304 students who are asking that the district allow them to display the Confederate flag on school grounds, Superintendent Carrie Duits said.

The district leader on Wednesday, Sept. 23, confirmed receiving the petition, in which students also wanted the district to understand their position on the controversial issue.

This move by the students follows Duits' request to the high schoolers last week that they not display the flag in or on their vehicles, hats or clothing during the school day.

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  1. Permission should not be necessary.


  2. Permit indeed. The Confederate flag is a permanent part of America. Speaking
    of permits, did the homo's get a permit to put this billboard up used to entice
    children to sodomites. Video won't work. I've tried every where to find a working
    video. Indoctrination = Confederate flag dirty - sodomites clean..

  3. Yes, me too. But I wanted to see it.