Saturday, October 24, 2015

Breitbart Meetup Ends with Police Chopper Overhead

Via Tom


A Breitbart meetup in Arizona ended with a restaurant cutting off the microphone before a police helicopter strangely descended upon the gathering ordering attendees to disperse.

In an effort to provide offline fellowship to a community of passionately engaged readers, Breitbart News recently introduced Breitbart local “Meet Ups.” The second event, held in Phoenix on Wednesday night, featured Breitbart’s Brandon Darby discussing border issues and AWR Hawkins discussing gun rights. Between 150-200 people flooded the patio on a cool night at K O’Donnell’s to discuss matters of liberty and network with other like-minded conservatives.

More with pictures and video@ Breitbart


  1. With luck enough people in Phoenix will vote with their checkbooks and K O’Donnell’s will go out of business.


  2. Was Bill Ayers there?

  3. So? Give the helicopter the finger, and go on about your business. WTF are they gonna do, shoot you? It would be the shot heard around the world... Fuck off, freedom of speech and assembly.

    1. The restaurant wanted them out, so there wasn't much they could do without being arrested