Saturday, October 24, 2015

Wimp Nation: Poised to Fall

 Marlboro Man 

An example of pathological masculinity, male privilege, substance abuse, and patriarchy with overtones of violence against women and people of color, as well as probable homophobia. May drive a truck.


Come morning, I receive emails from friends documenting the curious social transformation coming over the US. These missives usually accompany links to some new tragicomic antics. E.g., Harvard, once a university, lets students invent odd pronouns to promote gender equity. “He” and “she” represent oppression and lack of inclusion.

Recently a friend, a Harvard PhD, wrote and said, “It’s not funny anymore.” I thought, and realized that, no, it isn’t. Things that seemed the obsessions of the occasional lugubrious neurotic are so common that they represent a change in the national character. It is eerie. Something  strange is happening.
What now is the national character? What sort of country is America today? A country of rugged individualism? Land of the free and home of the brave? A nation of the independent and self-reliant?

Let us start with Brave.


  1. What goes around, comes around....let's keep our southern boys and girls up to snuff and perhaps this time we'll have secession by de facto...

    1. Hear! Hear! It is mind boggling that we have come from The Marlboro Man to a pussy president. Our ancestors must be appalled.

  2. TPTB don't seem to realize that when they poison the water they as well will get sick and die.

  3. Land of the sheep home of the knave?

    Average Joe

  4. The thought of our country full of pajama boys makes me sick. I grew up with Western movies, especially John Wayne and Ckark Gable.. All these Feminazis should be made to watch "The Quiet Man" and Gone with the Wind over and over and over. Rhett Butler, where are you?

  5. This is why I don't let my kids watch ANY current programming! Most of them are all geared towards girls and the "boys" on the shows are all fat, ugly pantywaists. My son was asked at school by his teacher what his current favorite TV show is and he told her, "Magnum PI". She smiled and told him that Tom Selleck is a very handsome man and that she was curious as to why he watches the show - seeing as how he's only ten. He proudly replied, "I watch it with my dad, Magnum behaves like my dad, he does what a man is supposed to do when trouble starts."
    Needless to say, his teacher was pretty smitten with his comment.