Monday, October 5, 2015

Iran, Russia, Syria, and Iraq Forming A Joint Military Task Force War Room

Via Cousin John



A senior Iranian military leader warned this weekend that “all U.S. military bases in the Middle East are within the range of” Iran’s missiles and emphasized that the Islamic

EDITOR’S NOTE: Everyone has been so focused ISIS as the creator of the Islamic caliphate, when in reality it looks like that caliphate will be Iran, Russia, Syria and Iraq. Russia has effectively squeezed America out of the picture, forming alliances all across the Middle East. How blinded has America become? So blind that the Ayatollah can declare they have missiles pointed at America, as they do in this story, and Obama is still able to sell the Iranian Nuclear Deal to a dead, asleep American public.  Prepare for impact in 3..2..1..
Much of this missile work, like the details of Iran’s advanced arsenal, remains secret, according to Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Aerospace Force.


  1. Is that Obama?

    Looks like he's saying "Want to rub my head for good luck?"

  2. I am sure China will be along soon. Listening to a retired Admiral speak about China,
    he said China has 3,000 miles of underground bunker tunnels and they don't have
    four or five hundred nuclear warheads, they have 1,600 to 1,800.
    Some info on Russia's gatherings:

  3. This deliberate massacre infuriates me. Who can be independent in judging the
    barbarian's crimes against humanity. UN? Never Court martial and imprisonment
    all the way up the crime chain. How dare the barbs talk about Russia.
    Bombing a hospital - how dam low can one go.

  4. The report on the Israeli invasion of sovereign airspace. Israel has been doing
    this for a long time. Just helping themselves. The jig is up.