Monday, October 5, 2015

Where did Charleston donations go? Slain AME pastor's aide raises questions, gets fired

Via Billy

After nine people including Pastor Clementa Pinckney were killed by a gunman during a prayer service June 17 at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, S.C., donations poured in from around the world.

But when the slain pastor's secretary began raising questions about where the donations were going, she was fired, according to a report from the Post and Courier over the weekend.

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  1. She got fired for asking the wrong questions. Sure thing, that the money was stolen.

  2. Typical 'AME' coruption.

    My brother is a paramedic/firefighter in a southern city where he had to make a call to an AME congregation during an actual service.

    When the man realized saw my brother was white, he then refused service unless a black man was called to help him.

    Brother and crew reported the man refused service and why and then left. That run probably cost the city $300 dollars....

  3. The same thing happened to this guy who was doing utility work at a project. He
    said he would knock on the doors and no one would answer the doors. Then at one
    door some little kid answered the door and yells "we don't like white people do
    we mama" then slammed the door. No sweat off the utility worker's back, I'm sure.

    1. No sweat off the utility worker's back, I'm sure.

      Nope. :)