Friday, November 13, 2015

Is the expulsion of the majority of illegal aliens possible?

Via Michael

To read this piece and make sense of it, you must meet some prerequisites. If you don’t, continuing on to the rest of this essay will be a waste of your time.

     The prerequisites are:
  • The comprehension of the nature of a national border;
  • Acceptance that such a border is more than an “imaginary line;”
  • Comprehension of the consequences of nationhood and acceptance of their importance.
 The subject, of course, is the tide of illegal immigration to these United States. The current “refugee crisis” threatening to drown Europe has awakened many previously “on the fence” Americans to the possible consequences for us. However, discussion of the good and sensible things it’s possible for the U.S. to do to avert such a catastrophe are being drowned out by the vast quantity of semantic noise occasioned by the campaign for the presidency.

Here at Liberty’s Torch, order and reason shall prevail.

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