Friday, November 13, 2015

New Missouri Interim President Was Man Behind Race Protests – Made Video With Hunger Striker Last Month

Via Billy

michael middleton

Mike Middleton has a long career of race activism and is an expert in the field.
Middleton taught employment discrimination at the university so he ought to be a good fit.

He is a former civil rights lawyer.


  1. So he ginned-up people who are borderline hysterical already in order to shit can his predecessor and take his spot. Quite Machiavellian, hopefully he"ll reap what he sows and swing for it.

  2. This should cause outrage and result in his resignation. However, the world no longer works in a sane fashion. Hopefully this black run school with become like the others soon, worthless and poorly attended.

  3. I'm thinking of the lawyer joke: What do you have when you have a room full lawyers up to their necks in sand?
    Answer: Not enough sand.

    What is brown and black and looks good on a lawyer?
    A Doberman.

  4. Well,,,,,,,,surprise, surprise, surprise, SGT. Carter!

    Looks like the "fix" was in, before it was "broke".


    If this place is So Horrible To Be At, let's turn Puff loose to "fix" the problem, and let them scream and protest THAT!

    Heh Heh Heh.

    'Make Puff go away...get him off my shoulders....'

    ( My apologies to Mr. Eddie Arnold.)

    Central Alabamaian

  5. Systematically purging the institutions of indoctrination. Just lik