Friday, November 13, 2015

Over 150 killed as Paris rocked by coordinated shootings, explosions

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A general view of the scene shows rescue service personnel working near the covered bodies outside a restaurant following a shooting incident in Paris, France, November 13, 2015. © Philippe Wojazer
 Just keep on importing those Muslims....................
A series of apparently coordinated attacks have rocked central Paris, resulting in at least 150 deaths. 
Aside from several separate shootings, police also confirmed explosions near a Paris stadium, and a now resolved hostage situation. 
At least six separate violent incidents have taken place in Paris on Friday night, including several shootings and explosions. The death toll could be in excess of 150 people, according to latest reports.

Gunfire near a restaurant in the vicinity of Paris’ Place de la Republique has killed at least 11 and injured at least seven people, according to BFM TV and police sources. People in the vicinity reported seeing several bodies lying on the ground.

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  1. Terrible, terrible, terrible.....what will it take for people to realize that there are borders for a reason....some people need to live far away from others....truly separate and if they come close ...bang!

    1. Claymores line the border, Sir! :)

    2. Like a rabid dog, you don't play with it, or pet it, or try to cuddle it; you kill it.

      Because it will cause you serious harm, or death.

      Even if it's looking at you with sad eyes, and wagging it's tail.

      That's just the way it is.

      Central Alabamaian

    3. Like a rabid dog, you don't play with it, or pet it, or try to cuddle it; you kill it.

      I'm sure we've all been there, done that and can do it again.

  2. Open your borders to Muslim barbarians and not expect this. How stupid are we. This was the goal from the beginning of the open borders push. Destruction of Western Civilization. The elites want us too busy as they cement the final steps to enslaving the free citizens.


  3. I had read one of the band members was killed during the attack but listening to
    the local news last nite, none were. The band members were front and center
    and elevated so I don't know how they escaped. Seems strange.

  4. This is the video of when the shooting began and the band members are just
    standing; the drummer bends over the drums.